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In Poland car rental has become more and more popular among individual customers in the recent years. It is due to the lower prices offered by car rental companies that renting a car is so easy. A cost of renting a budget car is similar to the cost of renting any other popular equipment such as skis, bicycles or computers, please note, they are obviously less in value than a car. Abacus offers very competitive prices, particularly in personal use car sector, without a mileage limit. All our cars are equipped with air-conditioning, a car radio and are fully insured. It is possible to pick up a car at “Balice”, “Pyrzowice”, “Okecie”, “Modlin”, “Lawica” or “Lublinek” Airports or any other convenient place (cities of Cracow, Katowice, Warsaw, Poznan, Lodz, Nowy Targ and their vicinities).

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